Friday, February 21, 2020

Not sure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Not sure - Essay Example This figure appears as a halo or ring around the head of the sanctified. Moreover, in many religious systems we can find some degree of syncretism. Islam and Confucianism are clearly the hardest to syncretize with each other. Indeed they do have certain similarities between them, but still it is more difficult to syncretize the two as compared to Judaism or Buddhism with Confucianism. Confucianism was brought about by K’ung Fu Tzu (Confucius). He travelled all over China and advised the rulers. He usually preached about morals and ethical values, and how political power should be exercised properly. According to Confucianism it is important for a person to have etiquette; he should be righteous; he should act benevolently with everyone and this, Tzu considered to be the most important virtue; there should be love among family members; and lastly, a person should show his loyalty toward his country. All these features are part and parcel of almost every religion, although in varying importance. Every religion teaches one to be good and treat others well too. However, Confucianism focuses only on this aspect of life. Confucianism is not an actual religion with God to pray to. It is basically more of an ethical system that has clarified certain traditions and rituals to be followed at the important periods of one’s life; for instance, birth, maturity, marriage and death. Islam, on the other hand, is a monotheist religion. This means there is one God that the followers of Islam pray and worship. The Muslims believe that He created the universe and He is omnipotent. Islam is, comparatively, a very young religion. Muslims also believe in the previous prophets, Abraham, David, Moses and Jesus, and consider Muhammad to be the last of the prophets of God. However, they do not consider Jesus to be the son of God as it is their belief that God

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Turnaround at Ford Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Turnaround at Ford - Term Paper Example From this paper it is clear that in the case of Ford, it was tougher because it was faced with two pronged issue, first is the harsh macroeconomic environment wrought by the financial crisis, second is the aggravation of competition that compelled auto companies to streamline their operations to remain competitive. In Ford’s case, their market share declined from 26% in the 1990s to a mere 14.8% in 2007. During the crisis, demand for high ticket items declined of which auto industry were among the worst hit and this resulted to the large-scale labor surplus at Ford because the demand significantly declined. During the precipitous decline of demand, Ford has to cut its production to avoid waste with the same manpower it had when it was operating in full capacity. Also, the decline in demand resulted in decline in sales that could no longer sustain its overheads in manpower.  Ford has decided to pursue employee buyouts and attrition in an attempt to shrink its workforce to mat ch its productivity demands. Why do you think Ford is using these two tactics? Do you think these are the best options for Ford to achieve its goals? Ford has to use this tactics because the demand declined. This is evident with their shrinking market share of a mere 14.8% from a 26% in the 1990s. They just cannot maintain the same overhead cost in terms of manpower when sales is declining. This is evident with their losses of $12.6 billion in 2006 and $2.7 billion in 2007. If they will not cut down their manpower according to the manpower requirement of the demand, loses will continue and it will not be long before Ford will get bankrupt. If that happens, Ford will instead have to let go all of its employees.